25 February 2015


We had a great few days at camp, last week. We did loads of swimming, played fun games, did some fantastic art, competed in challenges and had an AWESOME time together!

11 February 2015

Key Competencies

Last week, we brainstormed what some of the key competencies mean to us. This is what room 4 thinks manage ourselves and relate to others means in the classroom and around the school! We are focusing on these two key competencies this term, as it relates to our inquiry topic.

We transformed our brainstorm into an awesome wall display where we can all see it and refer back to it.

04 February 2015


Swimming is underway in room 4! The pool has been really warm and we have been enjoying showing our new teacher what we can do in the water. Today, room 4 even got to have a free fun swim at lunchtime. Thank you Mrs Simpson for taking us!

02 February 2015



Welcome to room 4. We are awesome and have a wonderful new teacher called Miss Fleet. We think our class is really nice and colourful. We are going to have lots of fun this year and learn lots of fantastic things. Room 4 had a great first day back at school for 2015!

By the 'AWESOME' room 4!