25 May 2015

Koru art!

For those who missed assembly last Friday, these are our koru artworks that we did as part of our learning in Te Reo Kori. We learnt about the koru design and about warm and cool colours. They are awesome and bright and we are really proud of them!

18 May 2015

Room 4's Assembly

For those who missed it, we hosted assembly last week. We did an awesome job and performed a small presentation about the landing at ANZAC cove using De Bono's thinking hats. It looked and sounded fabulous! Well done room 4.


12 May 2015

Te Reo Kori

Te Reo Kori is well under way in room 4! This is some of our Rakau practice! We are working on keeping in time and exploring different rakau patterns that we can do. So far, we are doing really well!

06 May 2015

We Love reading!

Every week on a Tuesday we visit the library to issue books for us to read at home and in independent reading time. We have started sharing a little bit about the books we are reading to the rest of the class so other students and Miss Fleet can hear what kinds of books we like to read. By sharing our books others might like the sound of the same book and want to issue it after me. 


05 May 2015

Measure, Measure, Measure!

We have been doing loads of measuring in room 4! The first part of this term is focusing on  Geometry and measurement and we are learning lot's about using rulers (mm, cm and m), converting measurements into other units and measuring perimeter and area. Check out our practice! Aren't we AWESOME?