29 July 2015

Floating and Sinking experiment

In science we did an experiment to see what sorts of things float and what sorts of thing sink. We discussed the different materials things were made of and what were the properties of each object that impacted whether it floated or sunk. Have a look at some of the objects we tested!

24 July 2015

Term 3

Welcome back to term 3!!! We are well underway with lots of new learning! We have started our science unit of floating and sinking and we were able to identify lots of things that impact on whether something floats or sinks.

We have made an exciting start to gymnastics and we have really enjoyed showing off what skills we have! Miss Fleet thinks we are pretty amazing! Check out some of our great skills so far!


13 July 2015

Wheels and Burger day!!

We saw term 2 out in style. We had an awesome time on our wheels -skating, scootering, jumping. We then had a yummy burger for lunch made by our wonderful student council! Thanks student council and Miss Simpson for organizing such an AWESOME, fun filled day! We had a BLAST!

Inquiry sharing!

In the last week of term 2 we shared all our inquiry work and learning with the other kids in the senior team. We saw what R3 had learnt about the early New Zealand settlers, we saw some awesome ancient Egypt work by R5 and learnt lots about Antarctica from R6. We finally got to share our learning about New Zealand Disasters and present out projects we have worked so very hard on.

Well done to our senior team! Another term full of hard work and awesome, interesting learning!