14 October 2015


Pet day Exhibits

This year, as part of pet day, room 4 exhibits are:
·        Miniature farms
·        Rustic fruit photography

Please bring to school:
  •       3-5 pieces of fruit or vegetables or both on TUESDAY 20TH OCTOBER
  •       A meat dish or something of similar size for your farm to be made in. Silver disposable roasting dishes are fine (if you cannot bring any of these please let me know Before the due date) Bring to school by FRIDAY 23RD OCTOBER
  •     A selection of items to make your farm with. Bring to school by FRIDAY 23RD OCTOBER

Kids if you have any questions please ask as soon as you think of them!
Parents, any queries please feel free to give me a call at school.

I am really looking forward to seeing room 4’s wonderful creations.

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