30 November 2015

10 Photo Challenge!

Room 4 kids had a great time working together completing the 10 photo challenge! Using the Ipads they had a list of photos they needed to take and then had to put their photos together using pic collage. Some of the photos were a real hoot!
They had to take photos of:

  • an animal
  • something funny
  • a group selfie
  • a jumping or handstand pic
  • something yellow
  • #awesome
  • an extreme close up of a flower
  • a sporting action shot
  • a group member giving another group member a shoulder ride or piggy back
  • a photo of your choice
Check out what these creative kids came up with!

18 November 2015

Athletics is under way!!

We are under way with our athletics training and room 4 are practicing hard and pushing themselves to achieve their goals! Here is a sneak peak of some of the intense training so far!

We Started off with Long jump!

Yesterday we got into high jump! 

DOC ranger viewing tower - Technology Challenge

On Monday afternoon, we wrapped up our endangered animals social studies unit. We were in groups and we had to design and build a DOC tower prototype. The tower had to be high so the ranger could climb up high in the forest, stand on the top platform and count all the endangered kereru birds. We had loads of fun, we worked well in our teams and all of our towers were able to stand and hold the ranger! Check out of awesome designs!


On Friday we were privileged to have 2 Manawatu cricket guys come out and teach us some new cricket skills. We had fun and were able to show them some of our own awesome skills!