20 February 2016

Team building, Independence and Fun = Room 4 CAMP

What a wonderful three days room 4 had at camp. We saw all seasons in the weather and had an awesome time. The rain didn't stop us though and we made our way into the tents for the second night. It was exciting sleeping in the tents and experiencing true camping. We did many different activities that taught us a lot of great things about working as part of a team. Some of the competitive  activities we completed were such a laugh. Others really tested us as we developed skills like giving and taking ideas, doing our bit, getting on, and conflict resolution. On night two we showed off our amazing singing and dancing skills in the pool! It was so much fun and Miss Fleet thought we were AWESOME!!

All in all we had a great 3 day camp at school, learnt some great skills and had a whole lot of fun with much laughter!

Healthy person sharing

As an intro activity to our Whare Tapa Wha unit we all drew what we think a healthy person looks like. We then shared our ideas about what we think influences a person's health!! Miss Fleet was impressed with our prior knowledge! We are looking forward to building on what we already know and learning about being healthy using Whare Tapa Wha (Maori health model) as a context.

Buddy class swimming

Our first buddy class was about sharing some of our swimming learning and building confidence in the water. It was really cool seeing what our little buddies could do in the water and it was really fun piggy backing them in little races. We think our buddy classes are going to have a great year full of sharing role modeling and having loads of fun!

11 February 2016

Beached as!!

WOW!! What an exciting, fun-filled, hot day we had at Foxton Beach, today! We enjoyed many activities from sandcastle building to digging the biggest/deepest hole to wheelbarrow races and parachute playing! Once we had played and got all hot and sweaty, we had a wee paddle in the surf and witnessed the teachers get wet buts while they protected us from the big rolling waves! We did well staying hydrated and sunblocked in such warm temperatures and tried to keep our feet on the cool wet sand.

We all had such a wonderful day. Many of us were extremely tired on the way home!

And we are off!!

2016 Halcombe School beach trip is underway! We started our journey with a little sing along 'The Wheels On The Bus' what a good day we are going to have!!

05 February 2016

Fantastic Fun Friday

Fantastic Fun Friday involved some exciting new and hilarious games in the pool!! We learnt how to play jockeys up, we raced on noodles in a relay and played Octopus! We had such a awesome time and certainly enjoyed cooling off!

04 February 2016

Swimming Sensation!!

Almost a week in, and we are in full swing with our swimming learning. In this heat, swimming is a relief each day! We have been working hard on our confidence in the water, floating, kicking and  bubble blowing/breathing. We all set some great goals after our first swim so we knew some of the skills we needed to work on and develop.

Stay posted for some swimming learning updates and more photos!

02 February 2016

Shared Writing

Hi there!
We are room 4 for 2016. We are excited to start a new, extraordinary year! This year we have 27 students in our class and an AWESOME teacher! Also our class has a fantastic teacher aide, Miss Emery. We are kicking our year off with lots of learning in the pool! We are also going to be learning about how we can be healthy. In week 3, we are going to be having a class camp at school where we will get to know each other and will learn how to be a great team!
We are going to have a super fun year with lots of AWESOME learning.
You can keep up to date with what we are up to right here on our FANTASTIC blog!

Talk soon,

By the wonderful, fun, and creative students in room 4, and Miss Fleet