13 March 2016

Whare Tapa Wha

On Friday we wrapped up our Whare Tapa Wha - Total Well-Being unit. We have looked at many things that influence our health, how we can be healthy, including physically and emotionally. We also learnt about and mapped the many places we have in our community that support our total well being. We looked at the different kinds of Taha Tinana (physical well-being) and how they are different but all play a part in us being fit and healthy.

Oh what fun!

Well, what an afternoon Thursday was! Fun swimming sports was exactly that... FUN! We all competed in some interesting and extremely funny races!! We competed in our houses and had a great time dressing up in our colours and chanting our team chants!! 

Check out the many laughs we had!

11 March 2016

Senior Swimming Sports

What an awesome afternoon we had at the Makino Pool for our Senior swimming sports. The weather was kind and we all competed hard! We were able to show off all the awesome skills we have learnt. We all did our very best and many of us won races which we are all very proud of. Everyone did a great job and really enjoyed the afternoon!

06 March 2016

Buddy Class teaching and learning

On Friday, it was very awesome for room 4 big buddies to teach room 7 little buddies how to use mathletics on the I-Pads. Room 7 children have never used mathletics so it was extremely rewarding for the big buddies to show them how to log into their account and guide them through answering and completing their tasks. Room 4 love using mathletics and we are certain that we have passed on the passion!

04 March 2016

Fun day friday

Today we enjoyed some fun day Friday swimming activities!! We competed in a mini house competition. We had to get as many of our team on top of the tire as possible. It was certainly harder than it looks and than what we thought! We had an awesome time and had many laughs and many big crashes!!

03 March 2016

We are AAA Room 4 students

We have been unpacking what we think Attitude, Adventure and Achievement mean to us and what they look like in our school setting. We brainstormed in groups, shared as a class and then took photos using the I-pads. each group then created a pic collage to show what each of the words look like. We have displayed these in our classroom for us to refer to and remind us how to be a AAA student.