15 April 2016

Term 1 buddy wrap up!

We finished up the term enjoying a fun game with our buddy class. We played bat down! We were able to help our little buddies with their batting and ball throwing and catching skills. It was loads of fun and we even witnessed some awesome catches!! See you next term little buddies


Colour Day was an absolute blast. We all had a colourful time, had many laughs and looked extremely bright! The parade was a hoot and Miss Fleet thought we had some groovy moves! At lunch time we were lucky enough to enjoy some yummy spiders! They were delicious.

We love dress up days in room 4!

13 April 2016

Bee-utiful Bees

We were very lucky to have Mr Henderson come to visit us yesterday. Mr Henderson is a bee keeper and he came to share with us his expert knowledge, and his experiences as a bee keeper. He talked to us about pollination, a bees life, how honey is made and shared many interesting stories. We learnt many new things, and Mr Henderson was also very impressed with how much we already knew and all the awesome things we have been learning about bees in class. We were able to ask Mr Henderson all the questions we wanted answers to. At the end of the session, we were able to taste Mr Henderson's honey from his bees. It was delicious, and he explained to us why it was a little grainy.

We had an absolutely awesome afternoon with the bee keeper and were very thankful for his visit!


12 April 2016

Pollination Process Shared Writing

Yesterday, we watched a video about  how bees pollinate and how important pollination is in our world.
Then, we wrote a piece of shared writing explaining in our own words how pollination happens. We were learning to use key words to help us write the process in the correct order and to use the correct terminology.

Here's what we wrote:

Bees pollinate flowers 24/7 without meaning to. Bees fly from flower to flower collecting pollen grains on their pollen baskets. Pollen comes from a flower and it lives on the ends of the stamen (male part of the flower). When the bee is on a flower the pollen rubs onto them. Bees then fly to another flower and the pollen dusts off onto the stigma which is the top of the pistil (the female part of the flower). The pollen drifts down the pistil into the ovule where it fertilisers the eggs to become seeds (which are the new life).

Room 4 certainly are beginning to really understand the pollination process by bees.

Interschool Athletics

Well done to Rhianna, Ashlee H, and Georgia who represented us at the interschool athletics yesterday! There was a mixture of results. Rhianna came 2nd in long jump for the yr 5/6 girls. The girls had a great day, tried their very best and are hoping to participate again next year.

08 April 2016

Rippa Rugby

On Wednesday, 10 room 4 students went to a rippa rugby tournament in Palmerston North. They all did very well and showed some awesome rugby skills! They said it was an enjoyable day and are looking forward to next year!

Check out some of their action shots!

Tuesday fun with the Minstrel

The Minstrel came to visit us on Tuesday afternoon and he taught us many important messages about water safety and looking after the life in the sea. He was a fantastic singer and really awesome on the guitar!! Some of us won posters and even a hat and magazine! It was an enjoyable afternoon full of dancing, singing and learning. 

04 April 2016

Together we are a team!

What an awesome time we had with our buddy class, room 7, on Friday. We worked in teams with our little buddies, and practiced talking and communicating our ideas and strategies to each other. As a team, we had to get across shark infested water (the hall floor) with only 2 squares of carpet, we had to get the hula hoop around the circle without using our hands, balloon relay, and life size naughts and crosses. We had an awesome time and all the groups certainly did their very best. We faced some challenges, as well as gained some great successes. We really enjoy buddy class!

01 April 2016

Buzzing Experience!

On Wednesday afternoon, Mitchell was very lucky to be able to visit some bee hives with a friend. He was able to wear a bee suit, use the smoker, and handle the trays with the combs and honey on them. Mitchell thoroughly enjoyed his experience and he was able to bring along a tray with the comb and honey still attached. We thought this was an awesome opportunity to do some awesome writing!

We looked at the photos of Mitchell's experience, and looked at the hive tray. It was very exciting seeing the very things we are learning about. From the photos and tray we could choose one and complete the following sentences.
I see...
I hear...
I feel....
I wonder.....

Here are some lines of the awesome pieces that room 4 wrote:

I hear the bees buzzing angrily around me -Mitchell
I see the sweet honey hiding inside the comb -Ashlee E
I feel like the bees are enormously clever being able to construct those combs -Rhianna
I feel the bumpy honey comb on my soft fingers -Anna
I see the bees make delicious runny honey and drizzle it all through the honey comb -Georgia
I hear the loud buzzing sound of the busy bees working -Brileigh
I feel excited about eating the runny honey -Ashlee H
I see gooey, sticky honey bubbling up through the comb -Lila
I wonder how the bees make the honey comb soft - Milla
I hear the slopping of the honey swishing around -Jaxson
I hear busy buzzing bees working really hard making delicious honey -Emily
I see beautiful bees working making yummy honey -Jazmin
I feel the bumpy honey comb tickling my fingers -Ben
I feel nervous thinking about the bees flying at me -Shania
I wonder if no one in the world had bee hives, how would we find honey -Hugo