01 April 2016

Buzzing Experience!

On Wednesday afternoon, Mitchell was very lucky to be able to visit some bee hives with a friend. He was able to wear a bee suit, use the smoker, and handle the trays with the combs and honey on them. Mitchell thoroughly enjoyed his experience and he was able to bring along a tray with the comb and honey still attached. We thought this was an awesome opportunity to do some awesome writing!

We looked at the photos of Mitchell's experience, and looked at the hive tray. It was very exciting seeing the very things we are learning about. From the photos and tray we could choose one and complete the following sentences.
I see...
I hear...
I feel....
I wonder.....

Here are some lines of the awesome pieces that room 4 wrote:

I hear the bees buzzing angrily around me -Mitchell
I see the sweet honey hiding inside the comb -Ashlee E
I feel like the bees are enormously clever being able to construct those combs -Rhianna
I feel the bumpy honey comb on my soft fingers -Anna
I see the bees make delicious runny honey and drizzle it all through the honey comb -Georgia
I hear the loud buzzing sound of the busy bees working -Brileigh
I feel excited about eating the runny honey -Ashlee H
I see gooey, sticky honey bubbling up through the comb -Lila
I wonder how the bees make the honey comb soft - Milla
I hear the slopping of the honey swishing around -Jaxson
I hear busy buzzing bees working really hard making delicious honey -Emily
I see beautiful bees working making yummy honey -Jazmin
I feel the bumpy honey comb tickling my fingers -Ben
I feel nervous thinking about the bees flying at me -Shania
I wonder if no one in the world had bee hives, how would we find honey -Hugo


  1. wow Mitchel looks so good wish I was in room 4.

  2. Wow!Room 4 you are touching real honey.

  3. It Look fun and scary