12 April 2016

Pollination Process Shared Writing

Yesterday, we watched a video about  how bees pollinate and how important pollination is in our world.
Then, we wrote a piece of shared writing explaining in our own words how pollination happens. We were learning to use key words to help us write the process in the correct order and to use the correct terminology.

Here's what we wrote:

Bees pollinate flowers 24/7 without meaning to. Bees fly from flower to flower collecting pollen grains on their pollen baskets. Pollen comes from a flower and it lives on the ends of the stamen (male part of the flower). When the bee is on a flower the pollen rubs onto them. Bees then fly to another flower and the pollen dusts off onto the stigma which is the top of the pistil (the female part of the flower). The pollen drifts down the pistil into the ovule where it fertilisers the eggs to become seeds (which are the new life).

Room 4 certainly are beginning to really understand the pollination process by bees.

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