20 May 2016

Wheely Wonderful Wheeling

WOW!! We had a super day wheeling around!!! The weather was eventually kind to us allowing us to finally get out and have some fun. There were a few crashes but most got up with a smile on their face and carried on. We all had a wheely good time and cannot wait for wheels day again next year. Check out our action shots!

17 May 2016

Under the ocean art

Last week we created under the ocean art as part of our oceans inquiry unit. We shared our pieces of art in assembly.
Our art turned our really cool. We used paintbrushes, sponges and even our fingers. They are all super colourful and bright and we are really proud of them.

06 May 2016

Successful Circle Time

On Tuesday, Mrs Harris came and taught us how to learn without any books or pens. We learnt about circle time where we use the most powerful computer in the world..... OUR BRAIN!

We are going to be participating in circle time each week, this term, to learn and engage with our values (AAA) and practice our key competencies.

Some of the things we learnt were that you don't always need to speak with words to communicate, there is many different ways to find a partner e.g. finding the other half to a post card, and we learnt different ways to greet each other without speaking. We certainly enjoyed rubbing elbows to say hello.

We enjoyed learning valuable skills through playing multiple games, making silent statements, playing a name game and noticing other peoples successes throughout the session.

We are looking forward to circle time, next week!!

04 May 2016

Upcoming Events

Look out everyone!!! We have exciting events coming up FAST!!!!! It is the student council's pleasure to inform you of 2 very CRAZY, COOL days!!

Be organised and ready to go for.........