27 June 2016

Ocean Research!!

We are well under way with our ocean research projects. We are putting to use the skills we have learnt - note making and note taking, summarising in our own words, highlighting key words and important information. We are starting to present our information, ready for presentations to our class next week. 


24 June 2016

Affirmation success

Each week the children identify and record when they see someone else being a good friend or a good learner. On a Friday we share and celebrate the wonderful things each other have done in the week. 
Here is a photo of this weeks wonderful students who have been spotted by their peers!

Ka pai you people. Your affirmations are now in your kit books for you to share with others! 

Waiata with actions!

We have loads of fun in room 4 singing and performing waiata!! Ka Pai Room 4 you guys look and sound great!

Celebrating and sharing writing!

We have just finished publishing our descriptions of our fish. They are such awesome pieces of writing full of adjectives and exciting language features! We celebrated and shared our writing with our learning buddies. We thought some peoples writing were galleries!



23 June 2016

What a Ripping Good Time!

Yesterday we learnt skills in and played rippa rugby with Miss Simpson! It was so much fun. We did relays, played last man standing, had a game and got extremely muddy! Thanks for having us Miss Simpson!

16 June 2016

Basketball with Miss Jeynes

Basketball with Miss Jeynes was loads of fun. We leant passing and dribbling techniques. We had a go at shooting hoops and played a pretty fun game! Thanks Miss Jeynes

09 June 2016

Building buddy class relationships

Earlier this term, room 4 began circle time as a way to focus on our key competencies and building relationships within our class. Today it was really enjoyable to be able to share some of the fun and exciting activities we have learnt in circle time with our little buddies. We all had such a great time, laughing, problem solving and thinking together. Thanks for an awesome afternoon room 7!

Senior Winter Sport Rotation

Yesterday we got under way with our senior winter sport rotation. We started off with soccer. We learnt how to pass and stop a ball, dribble the ball with our feet as we move, and we even did some goal shooting. We ended a great session with a fun game of soccer where we were able to put soem of our skills to the test! 

02 June 2016

Pirate Day!

As part of Our Oceans inquiry unit there has been some learning around pirates so we all dressed up as pirates! It was awesome to see everyone make such a huge effort with their costumes and boy did everyone look great! We designed our own pirate flags, created treasure maps and solved pirate puzzles as part of a whole school buddy activity. It was fun working with lots of different kids!

We had a really fun pirate day!