31 July 2016

Gymnastics is under way!

We had a great first couple of sessions in gymnastics this week. We set goals and discussed what we wanted to improve on, and we are now into practicing, learning and perfecting our gymnastic techniques.

Here are some of our starting out pictures. There will be more to follow as the weeks go on and our skills improve! Keep an eye out!

25 July 2016

AAA Collaborative Art!

To kick off term 3 we thought it would be a great idea to remind ourselves and refresh our school values -Attitude, Achievement, and Adventure. We have started our pieces and have worked amazingly well altogether. We used crayon to create patterns, colour, and relevant words to do with our value. This is our progress so far. Watch this space for our completed collaborative pieces.

08 July 2016

Multi Sport

To wrap up our large ball skills PE unit, we had a game of multi sport. Using all the skills we learnt in the different rotations over the term we played touch rugby, soccer, netball and basketball.
Lots of us hadn't played multi sport before but we thoroughly enjoyed the new game!

06 July 2016

Room 4 in Pyjamas

Room 4 are already enjoying a very exciting and fun filled pyjama day! However, they did think just because they were wearing their pjs, they were going to have a nap! They were devastated to learn that their sleep was to be rudely interrupted by writing! Ka pai room 4, you are looking fab!


Interhouse Quiz

We had an awesome time competing in an interhouse quiz yesterday afternoon. We were mixed up with kids from rooms 5 and 6 and played 6 different categories! There was certainly lots of fun happening as well as some great thinking and working together! Thank you to Miss Simpson and the room 6 kids for organising such an awesome event!

05 July 2016

Ocean Zone Group Research

This term, room 4 has been learning all about the different ocean zones. In our literacy groups, we researched all about each zone, what lives there, how big it is and what kind of temperature it is.
The zones are called the Epipelagic zone, Mesopelagic zone, Bathypelagic zone, Abssopelagic zone and Hadalpelagic zone. These zones all have nicknames making their technical names much easier to remember. We put our research together into a powerpoint and presented them to our class.