18 August 2016

Colyton Sports Exchange

Well done to Room 4's Hugo, Mitchell and Alex who took part in the Colyton Sports Exchange on Tuesday. Everyone played really well, displayed some wonderful skills and showed awesome sportsmanship. We are very proud of you all for your efforts on Tuesday. Ka Pai everyone!

11 August 2016

Statistic learning

Room 4 maths class has been learning all about tally charts, bar graphs and pictograms. Here is a wonderful example of how far we have come. We can even draw our own bar graphs accurately without a template. Ka pai room 4!


09 August 2016

Kakariki literacy circle

In kakariki literacy group we have just started reading a story called 'Because of Winn Dixie'
We are going to be trying out a new type of reading (literacy circle by Sheena Cameron) to really engage, explore and understand the books we read.
Today we had to bring a picture of our own dog and some personal memories of our dog to share with the group. This was a way of us showing our personal connections to the story. It was really nice to talk to each others about our dogs and our wonderful and some funny memories of them. 

Olympic sport drama

As part of our learning about the olympics, we had some fun each taking turns at acting out the different sports. There were a lot of laughs and some very awesome acting!!

03 August 2016

Failure is your success!!

We have been learning about being determined and how a part of being determined to succeed sometimes means failure. We have looked at how we can let this influence us but also what we can do when we do fail. De Bono's Thinking hats helped us to explore the positives (yellow hat), negatives (black hat) and our feelings (red hat) around the idea of failure. Here's what we thought! 

Yesterday's flying action!

Thanks for making the video for us all Miss Simpson!

02 August 2016

A surprise from the air!

Today, a New Zealand Air Force NH90 helicopter came to visit Halcombe School. The 7-11 tonne air craft landed on our school field. What a surprise this was! We were lucky enough to be allowed to explore the inside of the helicopter. Many questions were asked and we learnt many interesting and mind blowing facts about the ‘Warrior’ and the air force. We learnt that the beautiful piece of machinery sitting on our field is worth 60 million dollars.

Some of the awesome things we learnt were:

·        It carries 3 tonne of fuel
·        It weighs 7 tonne empty and has a max weight of 11 tonne
·        The propellers spin 5 and a ½  times per second
·        Can carry up to 18-20 people
·        New Zealand owns 8 of these particular helicopters
·        They can have guns attached if necessary
·        It is nearly 20 m long
·        The max flight speed is between 300 and 320km/h

We had a great time and learnt so much. It was a one of a kind experience. Thank you to the New Zealand Air force and the parents involved for organising such an amazing visit. We are all feeling inspired!

01 August 2016

Motivational video responses

Today, in room 4, we watched this motivational video about believing and being determined.

After watching, we made notes and discussed what the key messages were that we gained from this video. Here are our thoughts.

Didn't we do well?! Great listening and thinking Room 4!