03 August 2016

Failure is your success!!

We have been learning about being determined and how a part of being determined to succeed sometimes means failure. We have looked at how we can let this influence us but also what we can do when we do fail. De Bono's Thinking hats helped us to explore the positives (yellow hat), negatives (black hat) and our feelings (red hat) around the idea of failure. Here's what we thought! 


  1. Wow! Very impressive Room 4. You have obviously thought really hard about the concept of failure and have come up with loads of interesting ideas. Well done!

  2. Annabel Lydia 's sisterAugust 13, 2016 at 3:44 PM

    You probably have been working hard and thinking about failure. All your ideas are awesome!

  3. Awesome messages here room 4, very thought provoking for us all!