23 September 2016

Term 3 buddy class wrap up!

To end the term we met with our awesome buddy class, room 7. We celebrated some of our brilliant writing we had done in class by reading them to our little buddies. Room 7 kids really enjoyed our narratives.
We then went out and had a fun game of capture the flag! Thanks room 7 for another term of great buddy friendships.

More Wheeling Magic

Wheels day fun!

We had such an awesome day on wheels day. We enjoyed hooning around on our scooters, scateboards, drift trikes and wheelie shoes and it was so cool to even see the teachers get involved. Thanks to room 6 and the student council for organising such a funtastic day!

The spiders and sausage sizzles were yummy for lunch, too!

15 September 2016

Spring has come!

With the arrival of this beautiful spring, we decided it would be nice to make some nice spring flowers. Over the last week we have been painting away with lots of different tools to paint all our flower petals. We finally finished painting and we cut out and assembled our petals in the shape of a flower. They are colourful, bright and bring our classroom to light. Don't they look wonderful!

09 September 2016

Condensation, steam, melting and boiling

As part of our science learning this term (What’s The Matter?), we did an experiment to explore water in its different states -solid, liquid and gas.
We boiled the jug and saw the condensation because it was cold on the outside and warm on the outside. We took the lid off and saw the steam as rise as it was set free into the air. When we put some ice in at 100 degrees (boiling temperature) it melted in less than 30 seconds into a liquid! It was interesting observing and discussing these processes. Watch this space for more of our science learning! 

Amazing Art!

In room 4 we created some awesome section art. We each had to tape off different sizes and sections. Next we chose at least two different textures (crayons, pastel, dye, paint and collage.) We did all sorts of different patterns, words and shapes. Once all this had dried Miss Fleet carefully took the tape off which was really difficult. These are our finished products that we proudly showed in assembly. Don’t they look amazing?!

Behaving like Particles

Last week we learnt about particles in the forms of solid liquid and gas. We know now that particles are made out of one hydrogen atom and two oxygen atoms.  In a solid, the tiny molecules are packed tight together and vibrate when they move. In a liquid they are loosely packed and slide past each other. In gas form they are very loose and random and they bump into each other when they move. In these pictures when we are linking arms, we are a solid, when we are touching each other’s shoulders we are a liquid and when we are free we’re gas. Behaving like particles was so much fun!

01 September 2016

Turner's Sports Tournament

We are very very proud of those children who attended the Turner's Sports Tournament at North Street School today. The boys came away with the first place trophy after convincingly winning all three of their games. Well Done boys! And the girls did very well in coming runners up in the netball competition after winning 2 of their 3 games. Awesome work and wonderful sportsmanship by all players today! Great work everyone!