26 February 2017

Key Competencies

On Friday afternoon, we watched some short video clips (see videos in our key comp videos page) that highlighted many key messages about relating to others, managing ourselves and participating and contributing . After watching these videos, we worked in buddies to identify all the messages we gained from the clips and things that we learnt. We then shared our ideas back as a class. It was very interesting and wonderful to see all the great learning and messages the children of Room 5 came up with!

Fun Friday!

On Friday we had a great fun class swim. We worked in teams to create human catapults where we had to discuss and trial different techniques. The aim was to get our person as far and as high as possible. We were judged on our technique, our team work and for one, our ability to make a massive splash! It was so much fun and there was an awful lot of giggling!

We finished off our swim with friendly game of flippa ball. It was great to see everyone get involved and have a turn!

23 February 2017

Anti Bullying Drama!

This week in Room 5, we learnt and discussed bullying. We looked at what it is, what it looks like, and what we can do about it if we see it happening or are a victim of bullying.

We then went away in small groups and created drama performances to show a bullying situation and a solution to that problem. We were very creative and very dramatic.

Well done Room 5. We are against bullying!

22 February 2017

Inter-house Flippa Ball!

This week at lunch times, some of us have been getting involved in an inter-house flippa ball competition. It is loads of fun and a great way to cool off in this wonderful summer heat. Thanks Miss Simpson for organising it for us!

Check out our awesome pictures -we are a competitive bunch but we play fair and smile while we do it!

20 February 2017

Life Ed with Tim and Harold!

Last week we had 2 great sessions with Tim and Harold in the life ed caravan learning all about what makes our bodies work, some of the parts of our bodies, body systems, nutrition and energy. Tim was a great educator -he danced around, he was energetic, knowledgeable, a great actor and exciting to learn from.
Thanks Tim, for coming and being involved in our learning and experiences around 'what makes our bodies work' and for getting involved and learning about us in the playground. We really enjoyed your visit, learnt lots and hope we get to cross paths with  you again, soon!

17 February 2017

'Getting to know you' camp!

Earlier this week we spent 2 nights at school on a 'getting to know you' camp. The learning intentions for our camp were: 

· To establish and develop a positive class culture
· To develop relationships
· To encourage and develop confidence and a positive attitude towards a variety of activities
· To encourage children to step outside their comfort zone, accept challenges and take risks
· To develop self management skills in all children
· To take part in a range of EOTC activities
· To experience ‘camping out’
· To develop cooperative skills through living and working closely together

We had a wonderful time on camp and did many activities to encourage and teach us to work and be part of a team, we worked on growing our independence and confidence, and worked hard to manage ourselves and our belongings. We also did loads of swimming, performed in camp skits and did some all important goal setting. 
It was super exciting sleeping in the tents and experiencing camping out and staying away from home. Miss Fleet fed us well and made sure we all had loads of fun! 
We thoroughly enjoyed our camp and are very much looking forward to our next camp experience. 

Check out the awesome shots Miss Fleet got!





10 February 2017

In Room 5, we are CYBER SAFE!

In Room 5 today we explored cyber safety -what it is, what is means and how we do it. We watched an informative video, discussed the key ideas about being cyber smart, then worked together to learn about and use Comic life to display our learning. We will display these in our classroom.

What makes our bodies work?

Yesterday we looked at the learning intentions for what we are going to be learning about over the next few weeks. Our focus for inquiry/health is what is inside our bodies and what makes them work. We were all very excited and enthused and to start off we did an entry activity to show Miss Fleet all that we knew. We traced a human body on paper the wrote, drew, and labelled all the pieces of the body that we knew including organs, parts, systems, bones, and muscles. It was very interesting and also humorous but was a great way to become confident in discussing and learning about our bodies. We are looking forward to the next step.

07 February 2017

Meeting our 2017 buddy class -Room 1

On Friday we enjoyed our first buddy class session - bonding over a fun swim. We were able to help our little buddies with some skills they are learning to do -floating on their backs, and diving down to the bottom of the pool. We were great helps and our buddies certainly enjoyed us showing and helping them.  We finished our session off with some fun noodle races. They were so funny and we had a great time!

Summer Swimming!

We had a wonderful first week in room 5. We especially enjoyed getting our swimming programme well under way. We all did a self evaluation before starting swimming to assess where we thought we were.

We are now into teaching and learning. Here a few pictures to show you what we have been doing so far.