31 May 2017

Ancient Egypt

This week we started a new unit -Ancient Egypt. We are looking forward to the many skills and interesting ideas we will learn in this unit!

Black Day is Coming...!

The Lions are due to arrive and we are roaring ready to go! Lets dress all in black to support our rugby boys!

26 May 2017

Explain Everything -new app learning!

This week room 5 has been working on legends such as Maui and the sun, Maui and the giant fish and how Maui brought fire to the world. We worked in groups to use a new app called explain everything to make some creative animations. 

This was challenging as it is quite a tricky app to use with so many different ways it can be used. We also used another app called brushes to create our characters and background, before inputting them into explain everything, to bring them alive. Here are some of our awesome animations retelling one of the legends.

What do you think?

The Grand Genius Summer of Henry Hoobler -class novel task

In Room 5 at them moment, we are reading a novel called 'The Grand Genius Summer of Henry Hoobler'. It's a nice story and we are enjoying listening to Miss Fleet read.

Each week, we do a response to text literacy activity to show our comprehension and connections to the text. This week we did a fun word challenge -seeing how many words we could make out of the letters from the title.
The points went like this:

  • 10 letters -5 pts
  • 5+ letters -3 pts
  • 3-4 letters -2 pts
  • 2 letters -1 pt
We had a champion for the most amount of words who was Rhianna, and a tie of champions for the highest total score who was Rhianna and Hollie. Well done girls!

24 May 2017

Buddy Class!

Today we had a great time in buddy class helping our little buddies to write, practice and pronounce Te Reo Maori words in their pepehas. We also used this session as a practice time for ourselves, reciting our pepehas to our little buddies as examples.
Our little buddies really appreciated our help!

22 May 2017

Te Reo Kori routine creations

What an afternoon we have had exploring and creating routines using the poi and rakau in small groups. It was exciting creating our own routines filled with cool movements and skills. We had to practice and practice to try and get our routines faultless. In one afternoon, we think we did really well! When we performed our routines to our peers, they certainly enjoyed them!

What do you think?



17 May 2017

Wheels and spider day!

We all had such an awesome day today, wheeling around on our scooters, skateboards, roller blades etc. There were a few spills and some awesome tricks and all round a fab day. We could have hoped for a bit better weather, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway. Thanks to the student council for organising a cool day and providing yummy spiders!

16 May 2017

Te Reo Kori stick games

This afternoon we had a lot of fun learning and having a go at some Te Reo kori stick games that R6 showed us 2 weeks ago. We learnt to play a game called tititoria which requires a lot of quick thinking and reflexes. There was certainly a few dropped sticks whilst we got our heads around it, but we got pretty good and there was loads of quick thinking happening.

Explain Everything learning

Today we are learning to use a new app called Explain Everything. This is an exciting new addition to our ipads and we can use the app in a number of different ways. Today Miss Fleet is teaching us how to use it to complete guided reading follow up tasks. She has pre made projects for us with things that we need to complete, answer, match, label etc. Its loads of fun and very exciting.

Koru Art

In assembly on Friday we shared our pastel koru art. They are all finished now, with self reflections complete. They look wonderful on the wall and certainly brighten up our classroom!

What do you think?

10 May 2017

Taumata O Te Ra

Yesterday, we had an awesome day at Taumata O Te Ra (our local marae). A special thank you to the Kereama whanau for hosting us and providing us with a wonderful experience on the marae and teaching us so much about Maori tikanga. It was an honor to be welcomed onto your marae and learn the history of your beautiful whare.