23 June 2017


Today, we all dressed in black to show our support to the All Blacks as they take on the Lions tomorrow night! We always thoroughly enjoy dressing up, especially for such a good cause!


Come along and get your groove on!

22 June 2017

Egyptian God Art

This week we have been working on a piece of Egyptian God art. We each chose a particular god and sketched them. We then used a new technique where we used special pastels and when you add water to them, they go like water colours.  This has been both challenging and fun! Here is some pictures of us in action. Keep an eye out for pictures of our finished art!

20 June 2017

Football with Debby!

Yesterday we had our first football coaching session with Debby from Central Football. We learnt some kicking skills and used these in a new game. It was loads of fun and we really enjoyed our session. Thanks Debby. See you next week.

16 June 2017


On Tuesday this week, for winter sport rotation, we had soccer with Miss Fleet. We had fun playing a number of games and activities and working as a team on some challenges. Shooting goals was awesome and we certainly saw some good wipe outs!

14 June 2017

Basketball Training!

Yesterday we had another awesome session with Miles doing basketball. We worked on our dribbling skills and learnt many new tips. We played some fun games and tried some challenging activities. Thanks for teaching us Miles!

12 June 2017

Hieroglyphic Treasure Hunt

This afternoon we went on a treasure hunt around the school solving hieroglyphic messages. We had solve hieroglyphics, dig in the sand desert (the sandpit), find a tomb and even got to find some treasure at the end! We had a blast and it certainly challenged our thinking!

10 June 2017

Hieroglyphics learning

This week in room 5 as part of our Ancient Egypt unit, we have been learning about hieroglyphics. We have learnt that hieroglyphics was the form of written alphabet that ancient Egyptian used and was made up of hundreds of pictures and symbols that represented specific nouns, letters and some actions. We found out that hieroglyphics originated from the greeks, and was used for thousands of years to communicate the happenings of Ancient Egypt. There were certain people called scribes, who were the only people who wrote in hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics was used as the form of writing until the Roman Empire took over in 324 AD and banned it.

It has been really interesting finding out about the ancient Egyptians writing and we decided to have a go at writing some things in hieroglyphics ourselves. Once we wrote a passage in hieroglyphics we made our paper look really old. These are some of our pieces. 

08 June 2017

Winter sport rotation -Netball

Yesterday we began our winter sport rotation with netball. We had a great afternoon learning some skills and getting involved in team games. We learnt how to play netball as a game and the rules and then we had some great games against each other. Thanks Miss Jeynes and Miss Main for teaching us!

Adventurous morning!

This week there has been a lot of tree felling activity going on just down the road from our school, with big crashes of trees hitting the ground and logging trucks going by. This morning they had the big machines out and plenty of trees coming down. We all went for a walk down to check out the action. For some of us, this was a new experience and what a lovely morning it was.

07 June 2017

Basketball with Miles

Yesterday we started our basketball lessons with Miles from Manawatu basketball. He was a tough coach and made us think, listen and try lots of new things but we had a great time and learnt what the basketball stance looked like and how important it is. Thanks Miles. See you next week for another fantastic lesson.

05 June 2017


Remember you all need you sneakers tomorrow for basketball. I hope you are all having a wonderful long weekend.

01 June 2017

Ancient Egypt mapping

Yesterday we completed a mapping exercise to have a look and locate some of the places in and around the Nile River and Ancient Egypt. It was fun learning how to use a map and using our skills to create these maps for our books. Look at these cool examples.