10 June 2017

Hieroglyphics learning

This week in room 5 as part of our Ancient Egypt unit, we have been learning about hieroglyphics. We have learnt that hieroglyphics was the form of written alphabet that ancient Egyptian used and was made up of hundreds of pictures and symbols that represented specific nouns, letters and some actions. We found out that hieroglyphics originated from the greeks, and was used for thousands of years to communicate the happenings of Ancient Egypt. There were certain people called scribes, who were the only people who wrote in hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics was used as the form of writing until the Roman Empire took over in 324 AD and banned it.

It has been really interesting finding out about the ancient Egyptians writing and we decided to have a go at writing some things in hieroglyphics ourselves. Once we wrote a passage in hieroglyphics we made our paper look really old. These are some of our pieces. 

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