29 August 2017

PJ and Hot Chocolate Day!

What a fun day we had today in our PJs! We were all very comfortable and looked awesome! We enjoyed our hot chocolates at lunch time that the student council very kindly made and they sure were delicious! Don't we look awesome?!

Gymnastics has begun!

Yesterday we begun gymnastics! We did our first rotation of all the stations, having a go and reminding ourselves what we can and cannot do. Following this, we did some goal setting around what we want to work on and achieve in gymnastics this year.

25 August 2017

Senior Social!

What an awesome evening we had last night at the senior social! We all had such a great time showing off our moves, getting dressed up and having fun! We enjoyed a nice supper and even gave the parents a sneak peak at our moves!

Check out how fab we look!

18 August 2017

YAY! Look what's coming!

South Mak Exchange

What an interesting day Wednesday was, with the annual South Mak sports exchange. The weather was crazy to say the least, but boy it created an experience for our kids. Everyone played awesome in their sports, despite the weather, and there was plenty of skill and excellent sportsmanship on display!

16 August 2017

Mathex Challenge

Yesterday, Rooms 4,5, and 6 took part in a mathex challenge, as part of New Zealand Maths Week. The questions were tricky but we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to Mrs Simpson and some of the senior mathematicians for organising this event for us!

Week 4 Wonder-ful Wednesday

What do you wonder Room 5?

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11 August 2017

Buddy Class new addition!

This afternoon we went for a visit to our buddy class to meet their new addition, Fluffy, the guinea pig. It was awesome hearing all the wonderful learning that Room 1 are doing about having a pet and how to look after it. Fluffy is very, very cute and we certainly enjoyed meeting him! We also loved having cuddles! Thanks Room 1

03 August 2017

New Zealand Playhouse visit

Today, The New Zealand Playhouse visited us here at Halcombe School. The play that they performed for us was called Puss in Boots -Pet detective. We had such a good time watching and they certainly were talented and funny! Such a great show!

Year 6 photography

This week, the year 6's worked on a project in groups photographing and making a collage of 'what makes Halcombe School special/awesome?' They found many things that are special to our school and the things they value about our school!

Check out their collages!