29 November 2017

Make our sentences better!

Earlier this week we looked at different sorts of sentences and how we can use them to create impact in our writing.

As a class we wrote:

Simple Sentences: -1 idea
I went to the beach.
We collected sea shells.

Compound Sentences:  joining of 2 ideas
I went to the beach and collected sea shells.
I went to the beach because I wanted to collect sea shells.

Complex Sentences: joining of multiple ideas. May use a range of punctuation and language features
I strolled down the beach, with the sun shining, and collected some pearly white sea shells.

The students of Room 5 then went away and wrote their own.
Here are a few examples:

I was feeling peckish, so I opened my pantry and there in front of me was a mouth watering cake, just waiting to be eaten.

I felt the audience watching me as I pointed my toes, straightened my legs and leaped across the stage. 
Ashlee E

It was an extremely sunny weekend so we decided to drive down to the farm in our green car, where we had turns riding the tractor.

We walked down to the park on a sunny afternoon so our dog could enjoy a large area to exercise in.
Ashlee H

We are going to be trying hard to include all of these different kinds of sentences in our writing. Watch this space for our next pieces of writing, full of creative and well written sentences.

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