07 December 2017

Going, Going, GONE!

This week we have been working on some creative, expository pieces of writing. We have been writing advertisements to sell some pretty extraordinary properties! It is fair to say that Miss Fleet wants to buy all of our houses!

These were the houses we had to sell:

We did extremely well and used our very best persuasive language and great vocabulary.
Here are some examples. Wouldn't you buy these straight away?!

06 December 2017

End of year fun sports day!

Yesterday we all had an amazingly fun day!

First up we rotated around many different fun activities and games from water relays to human wheel barrow races.
The 400m finals were a hit and all the students ran exceptionally well. A special congratulations to Lucy and Logan for taking out the races.
Then we watched a fantastic cricket match of students vs adults, where we witnessed some outstanding skills on display. What a great way to open the new cricket pitch.
We then enjoyed lovely cool ice blocks as a well needed 'cool down'!
In the afternoon we had an awesome time slipping, sliding and splashing!

We couldn't of had a nicer day for so many exciting, fun filled activities!

Friction Testing

This week we conducted an experiment to test the friction created by different types of sport balls on the same surface of concrete.

Our Aim:
To find which ball produces the most friction when connecting with a concrete surface, therefore determining the speed of motion

Materials used:
1 meter ruler
1 timer

Ball Types:

  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Soccer ball
  • Rainbow ball
  • Tennis ball
  • Rubber ball
  • Hockey ball
  • Marble

We discovered that we had a range of different results that suggested a number of different ideas about which ball was fastest, slowest or produced the most/least amount of friction.

Post Discussion:
We decided that the experiment we conducted was an unfair test as there were too many inconsistencies and differences between different groups and different tests.

Consistent Variables:

  • test distance (1 meter)
  • all groups used the exact same balls
  • all tests were done on the same concrete surface

Inconsistent Variables:

  • Students ability with timing and different tools to time
  • Amount of force applied to the ball causing it to move.

Today we are going to looking at our last 2 experiments and why/ how they were unfair tests and how we can adjust them to ensure they produce accurate and fair results. We will keep you posted!

Week 8 Wonderful Wednesday

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05 December 2017

Hunger Games Short Stories

From a recent page in our shared novel, 'The Hunger Games' we created some short stories and tried to be as creative as we could with what we came up with. It was certainly a lot more difficult than we thought!

Check out some of our work!