16 August 2018

ANZ Netball Fun!

We had an amazing week at Halcombe School thanks to ANZ! Wednesday morning was an absolute blast and a 'once in a lifetime' type experience. Our netballers certainly enjoyed featuring on the TV and doing some fun drills with Casey. We were absolutely blown away with all the amazing prizes we received from ANZ and got the surprises of our life when they presented us with tickets to the ANZ Premiership Grand Final! PULSE vs STEEL!
We were over the moon and really enjoyed our time at the game. There was an awesome atmosphere and it was a real nail-biting game in the end!

Thanks to ANZ, TVNZ and Casey Kopua for being so generous and awesome!

Our earth!

Over the last week we have been looking at how the earth is made up and what layers make up the structure of our earth. We did an activity that allowed us to see a model of the layers. Miss Fleet boiled us some eggs and we cut them in half, which was a representation of a cross section of the earth. It became very easy to see the different layers -The yolk being the core of the earth, the white being the mantle and the shell representing the crust. This was really interesting and we drew comparison representations of the earth and egg. To finish off we discussed what other items would model the same layers/structure. We came up with avocados, apples, and nectarines.

06 August 2018

Tough Kids

On Friday we had a large number of Room 5 kids attend the tough kids challenge at Linton Army Camp. They had an awesome day getting stuck in, climbing under and over obstacles, trudging through mud and a bog, finding their way through a dark tunnel and getting totally and utterly filthy!
Check out the wonderful photos! Don't they all look fantastic!

26 July 2018

Volcano Science!

This term we are looking into VOLCANOES! We are going to be learning some scientific skills and building our knowledge and understanding of volcanoes and their processes.
We began our unit by looking at some pretty magnificent photos of volcanic action and then did some brainstorming. We jotted down all the stuff we already knew and also all the questions/ wonders we have about volcanoes.

Gymnastics has begun!

This week we have started our gymnastcis PE focus. Check out our 'beginning' skills.

Lets gather some ideas for this year's speeches.

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03 July 2018

Nga Hakinakina -Sports!

Today we finally had fun playing each other's Te Reo games! It was awesome to see what other teams had come up with and what they had created. There was such a range of games -snakes and ladders, The Chase, Cludo, Mazes, and even spinning wheels. We reflected on others' games creating a PMI then feeding back our thoughts about their game, how clear the instructions were and the general make-up of the game.
This was a really good way to learn our vocabulary!

02 July 2018

Halcombe Card Competition!

This morning we are helping our little buddies with brainstorming ideas, and planning their picture for the Halcombe Card Competition. Already there are some awesome pictures coming along! Stay tuned for the finished products!

Sunset Silhouette reflection art

Last week we created these piece of art. We looked at what happens on the horizon when the sun goes down. We noticed that when there is water in the fore ground, the light often reflects onto the water. We also noticed that things such as trees and boats turn to silhouettes when the light is behind them. Using paint we worked hard to create some blended pieces showing different types and colours and reflections that appear when the sun goes down. 

Dancing at the Disco!!

On Friday night, we danced the night away at the disco! We all had such an awesome time breaking out our moves and having a few sweet treats! Thanks to the Year 8s from Kauri house for organising such a cool night!
Check out our moves!

Rippa Rugby!

We had a great time with Miss Simpson learning some rugby skills and then playing some games of Rippa! Thanks for a great afternoon Miss Simpson!

20 June 2018

Finally.... Winter Sport Rotation!

Today we finally made it out for our winter sport rotation. It was pretty chilly but we still had a good time doing some dribbling, passing and shooting! Thanks for taking us Miss Jeynes!

18 June 2018

Learning to 'USE EVIDENCE'

Today we learnt about a new science capability 'Use Evidence'.

We explored a range of evidence about recycling, the process, and using plastic to create energy. We picked out and identified key information and ideas. Following this, we were given 5 thought bubbles of statements about main ideas. We then had to either agree or disagree with the statements and provide evidence from the information that supported our decision. Whilst this was difficult at first, we soon got the hang of it and then had a go at writing our own thought  bubble statements. We swapped our statements and repeated the justification process.

We then had a lengthy discussion about what were the skills that we used and learnt about during this activity that showed our 'using evidence' science capabilities. We all reflected on and wrote an explanation about the skills we had used. 

Week 7's Plastic observing, inferring and wonderings!

What house hold plastic will float?

Last week we 'Engaged with Science' by conducting an experiment to see what house hold plastics would float and which would sink.
We learnt about fair testing, how to write a scientific report and how when variables change, it can influence the results of the experiment.

In the first experiment we tested which plastics would float and sink in water that was still and not moving. When we repeated the experiment we made the water move representing the waves and currents in the ocean. Interestingly the results were very very different.

Here are some examples of our reports, conclusions we made and data we gathered. The students did very well to relate their findings to the big picture of plastic pollution in the oceans.

11 June 2018

'Dear Jacinda' Poetry

We were inspired by a poem written to Helen Clark by a student sharing their thoughts about the plastic problem. We decided that we would write our own.