27 February 2018

Student Camp Highlights

As part of the students camp follow up tasks, they created pic collages of some of their highlights. It was so great to see the students all enjoy different aspects of camp and for different reasons. Great work Room 5! They look awesome!

26 February 2018

Fantastic Friday!

Friday was full of fun!
We enjoyed some competitive, fun games in the pool, including flippa ball and races. Miss Fleet got splashed and soaked more than once!

Later in the day, the girls from Room 5 and 6 enjoyed some coaching and tips from Jess at Central Football. This was really fun and she certainly provided some challenges for us to complete!

To finish off a wonderful day, we went for a buddy swim! It was so cool to spend time with our little buddies, playing games and helping them with some of their skills. Thanks for having us Room 1!

20 February 2018


Getting to know you camp!

We really had the most wonderful few days at school for our 'Getting to know you' camp.

Over these days we did some work around our strengths and weaknesses which will help us set our goals, we did loads of swimming, we participated in team building and collaborating activities, we had an awesome morning at the lido, and completed a pretty awesome piece of art and of course had a whole lot of fun!

Check out the footage of our enjoyable few days!

Thanks to Miss Fleet for organising this camp, and to all our drivers, and parents/teachers who stayed over night! We sure do appreciate it!

13 February 2018

Kaiiwi Beach Trip

Wow what a wonderful day we had on Friday at Kaiiwi beach! We had so much fun exploring, learning and having fun. We learnt about stream pollution, soil layers, shell types, bugs, plant adaptations, erosion, and we even saw a fresh water spring in the sand. It was awesome sending time with our class and discussing and discovering together. Later in the day we enjoyed the whole school sea swim. This was of course a highlight!

Thank you to everyone who helped to organise such a fun-filled, valuable day!

08 February 2018

I am me... I am strong!

This week we kicked off our beginning of year unit 'I AM ME. I AM STRONG'. The key understandings for this unit are all about being strong individuals but also developing and becoming strong as a team and as a class.

So far we have shared some things about ourselves and are working collaboratively to develop our shared understandings of managing our selves and relating to others. We have looked at what kind of learners we are and how we can set goals towards being stronger individuals.

Stay tuned for updates on our learning.

ISMART goals!

Today in Ruma Rima, we learnt about ISMART goals. We did a lot of brianstorming and discussing about what ISMART means and stands for. We looked at some examples of goals and used the ISMART rules to decide whether they were suitable goals. We identified higher order thinking and how using ISMART rules to set our goals can really influence our goal setting and whether or not we set ourselves up for success.

Following this learning we are now working towards setting some ISMART goals of our own. Identifying our strengths and weaknesses is the first step.

Below is our first brainstorm, showing what we thought the letters might stand for:

Then, Miss Fleet gave us what each of the letters stood for (black) then we discussed and came up with what those words actually mean.

When we set goals, we will be say "I will......." not "I want....."


02 February 2018

Name Art!

It was wonderful to get a splash of colour on the wall this morning! Everyone's names completed with pastel and paint are so striking and have added a lovely boarder to the tops of our walls. Come in and check out the real things!

01 February 2018

Sensational Swimming!

We are almost through our first week, and already there has been some great new skills learnt and progress made in swimming. Techniques are being perfected and we are looking forward to learning some new strokes next week.