26 February 2018

Fantastic Friday!

Friday was full of fun!
We enjoyed some competitive, fun games in the pool, including flippa ball and races. Miss Fleet got splashed and soaked more than once!

Later in the day, the girls from Room 5 and 6 enjoyed some coaching and tips from Jess at Central Football. This was really fun and she certainly provided some challenges for us to complete!

To finish off a wonderful day, we went for a buddy swim! It was so cool to spend time with our little buddies, playing games and helping them with some of their skills. Thanks for having us Room 1!


  1. Wow, it certainly looks like you had an awesome day on Friday Room 5! Aren't you lucky to be able to do so many cool things at school? I love the slow-mo video!

  2. looks like heaps of fun :) you guys are so lucky!