08 February 2018

ISMART goals!

Today in Ruma Rima, we learnt about ISMART goals. We did a lot of brianstorming and discussing about what ISMART means and stands for. We looked at some examples of goals and used the ISMART rules to decide whether they were suitable goals. We identified higher order thinking and how using ISMART rules to set our goals can really influence our goal setting and whether or not we set ourselves up for success.

Following this learning we are now working towards setting some ISMART goals of our own. Identifying our strengths and weaknesses is the first step.

Below is our first brainstorm, showing what we thought the letters might stand for:

Then, Miss Fleet gave us what each of the letters stood for (black) then we discussed and came up with what those words actually mean.

When we set goals, we will be say "I will......." not "I want....."


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