21 March 2018

Mr Clement's Weather expertise

Yesterday, we had a visitor: Dr Alistair Clement, who studies and teaches weather at Massey University. He taught us all about weather -more specifically clouds, and the water cycle. Firstly we put our observational skills to the test and observed the clouds, discussing what words we would use to describe the clouds and each made a sketch of a particular cloud. Then we learned and identified what type of clouds were out today and that we had seen. His slideshow he had prepared for us was very informative and it included lots of juicy information that we wanted to know about the weather. We learnt about temperatures and how they are affected by altitude. Mr Clement showed us how this information might be presented on a graph and explained how we might see a trend in the data.  Then we learnt about how updrafts keep newly formed water droplets up in the air and why tropical islands like Fiji have hurricane seasons. To finish off, we did a group quiz with Room 6 about clouds and the water cycle and some explanations of some pictures showing either evaporation and condensation.
Overall, Mr Clement’s visit was very, very cool.

Thank you very much Mr Clement!

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