30 April 2018


This term in Room 5 we are going to be looking at and developing our science capability and inquiry skills around the world wide issue of PLASTIC!

Today we looked at some pretty devastating, eye opening images of plastic, and its impacts. These prompted our thoughts, our feelings and posed many wondering, curious questions about this stuff we have become so used to relying on.

Very quickly words such as 'disgusting', 'sad', 'disappointed' and 'angry'  were mentioned. This activity really highlighted to us the problem we have and actually how close to home this problem is. 

We then took the time to refresh our observing and inferring skills based on a image equally as 'sad'. 

Here's what we saw and what we thought!


  1. Yes, very sad pictures of the devastation that plastic causes, something the whole world needs to look at and rethink how plastic can be disposed of safely. Thank you room six for bringing your efforts to our attention, well done.

  2. sorry I meant room five...