30 April 2018

Wonder, Curiosity and Thinking!

Today we kicked off our day by getting our brains thinking and orally sharing our thoughts as a class. This term we are having a big focus on oral language and what better way to practice this than combining it with thinking. Each day we will be starting off with a thinking and sharing activity to encourage our key competencies participating and contributing and thinking, and developing our confidence in oral language.
Toady we discussed an interesting image. Here's what we saw and our thoughts about it:

  • Team work
  • Why are the ants on the stick?
  • How are they balancing on the edge?
  • Are they building a bridge?
  • What are they doing?
  • I wonder if the stick is heavy
  • Is hat the boss ant on top or the queen?
  • Are they trying to take it somewhere?
  • Will they use it to build a nest?
  • Are they moving it to their home?
  • I wonder how deep the hole is they are crossing
  • I wonder if they will fall 
  • Why are they crossing the ditch?
  • I wonder if the branch will squash the ants on the bottom
  • Are they/where are they taking the branch?
  • How far are they taking it/ could they take it?
  • Why aren't they just going around the hole?
  • The grass looks curly and soft
  • I wonder how big this branch actually is. How much is it magnified for the ants to be this big?
We are very curious learners who think of so many things! 

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