24 May 2018

Catching Fire. Would you rather...?

In class we are reading 'The Hunger Games Catching Fire' as our shared novel. Each week we do a learning task to show our comprehension and understanding of the book.

This week we wrote short explanations in response to 'would you rather' questions.
We could choose between:

  1. Would you rather be friends with Katniss or friends with Peeta?
  2. Would you rather live in the capitol or district 12?

Here were some of the students responses:

What more would you want than to live in the place you belong? That’s right I would rather live in the bright, rich capitol where I can dye my hair pink and it would be normal. I have always lived my life with boring people that never understand my life. My dream is the capital, they are all weird and crazy!

By Briar

I would rather be friends with Katniss because she could teach me valuable skills like how to hunt and how to shoot a bow. Her mother is nicer then Peeta’s and I could buy cheese from Prim and I could buy Katniss’ prey. I would love to have a friend who was a winner of The Hunger Games. And if I was Katniss’ friend I know she wouldn’t let me starve.
It would be an honor to know
The Girl On Fire.

By Elysia

I would rather live in the capitol. The capitol is wacky and totally Over The Top. I absolutely love the amount of moolah they have. I would rather live in a rich city of wack. My dream city is the capitol. There perfect, pretty, pink world is like….. Awesome. I would totally live there.

By Maia

I would rather be friends with Peeta because he is very kind and thoughtful. He doesn’t care about who you are he believes that you should be respected with kindness and love. When you are sad he will always be the one to cheer you up, i would love to have a friend like him. He doesn’t judge you for who you are hell treat you like any other person. He has his moment but they aren't major.

By Amelia


  1. Awesome work Room 5! The Hunger Games trilogy is one of my all time favourite series', but I have never thought about the questions you've asked here. I would definitely prefer to live in District 12, because even though I might be starving, at least the people are genuine! And I would much rather be friends with Katniss, she is one cool chick! I hope you enjoy the rest of the book.

  2. Well done guys! These pieces of writing are very descriptive. Keep up the good work!

  3. I would be friends with Katniss.

  4. The Hunger Games sure look intresting.

  5. Great responses guys!