11 May 2018

Mothers Day


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Today the Year 6 children spent time talking and reflecting on the amazing job their mums do for them. Thank you Mums!

My Mum

My mum is one in a million she isn’t like your ordinary mum she works hard for me and
my family, she makes the best food for us. She helps me when I need it the most and
lets me do the sport I really want to do. My mum is the best that you could even dream
of having. Her glasses look amazing on her and her can do attitude, wanting to achieve
more and more everyday. She has a very loving heart towards her family.

Dear Mum, You always think of dreams and solutions for all of my ideas. And you are always there
to kiss me goodnight. You make my life happy and full of love and laughter. Thank you very much
for all you do for me. Even if is a small drink or meal it means a lot. You have loved me
uncontrollably my whole life for ten years, almost eleven.


  1. Some of these are so cool. What a cool way to say Happy Mothers Day. I bet your mum's were proud of the great work.

  2. These are so cool Room 5! I am sure your mums are very proud of you!