20 June 2018

Finally.... Winter Sport Rotation!

Today we finally made it out for our winter sport rotation. It was pretty chilly but we still had a good time doing some dribbling, passing and shooting! Thanks for taking us Miss Jeynes!

18 June 2018

Learning to 'USE EVIDENCE'

Today we learnt about a new science capability 'Use Evidence'.

We explored a range of evidence about recycling, the process, and using plastic to create energy. We picked out and identified key information and ideas. Following this, we were given 5 thought bubbles of statements about main ideas. We then had to either agree or disagree with the statements and provide evidence from the information that supported our decision. Whilst this was difficult at first, we soon got the hang of it and then had a go at writing our own thought  bubble statements. We swapped our statements and repeated the justification process.

We then had a lengthy discussion about what were the skills that we used and learnt about during this activity that showed our 'using evidence' science capabilities. We all reflected on and wrote an explanation about the skills we had used. 

Week 7's Plastic observing, inferring and wonderings!

What house hold plastic will float?

Last week we 'Engaged with Science' by conducting an experiment to see what house hold plastics would float and which would sink.
We learnt about fair testing, how to write a scientific report and how when variables change, it can influence the results of the experiment.

In the first experiment we tested which plastics would float and sink in water that was still and not moving. When we repeated the experiment we made the water move representing the waves and currents in the ocean. Interestingly the results were very very different.

Here are some examples of our reports, conclusions we made and data we gathered. The students did very well to relate their findings to the big picture of plastic pollution in the oceans.

11 June 2018

'Dear Jacinda' Poetry

We were inspired by a poem written to Helen Clark by a student sharing their thoughts about the plastic problem. We decided that we would write our own.