26 July 2018

Volcano Science!

This term we are looking into VOLCANOES! We are going to be learning some scientific skills and building our knowledge and understanding of volcanoes and their processes.
We began our unit by looking at some pretty magnificent photos of volcanic action and then did some brainstorming. We jotted down all the stuff we already knew and also all the questions/ wonders we have about volcanoes.

Gymnastics has begun!

This week we have started our gymnastcis PE focus. Check out our 'beginning' skills.

Lets gather some ideas for this year's speeches.

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03 July 2018

Nga Hakinakina -Sports!

Today we finally had fun playing each other's Te Reo games! It was awesome to see what other teams had come up with and what they had created. There was such a range of games -snakes and ladders, The Chase, Cludo, Mazes, and even spinning wheels. We reflected on others' games creating a PMI then feeding back our thoughts about their game, how clear the instructions were and the general make-up of the game.
This was a really good way to learn our vocabulary!

02 July 2018

Halcombe Card Competition!

This morning we are helping our little buddies with brainstorming ideas, and planning their picture for the Halcombe Card Competition. Already there are some awesome pictures coming along! Stay tuned for the finished products!

Sunset Silhouette reflection art

Last week we created these piece of art. We looked at what happens on the horizon when the sun goes down. We noticed that when there is water in the fore ground, the light often reflects onto the water. We also noticed that things such as trees and boats turn to silhouettes when the light is behind them. Using paint we worked hard to create some blended pieces showing different types and colours and reflections that appear when the sun goes down. 

Dancing at the Disco!!

On Friday night, we danced the night away at the disco! We all had such an awesome time breaking out our moves and having a few sweet treats! Thanks to the Year 8s from Kauri house for organising such a cool night!
Check out our moves!

Rippa Rugby!

We had a great time with Miss Simpson learning some rugby skills and then playing some games of Rippa! Thanks for a great afternoon Miss Simpson!